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Help Build A Blanket for Families In Need

CCSS Missions been given an opportunity to help families with children in Children’s Hospital who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

They are in need of fleece blankets. Every family will given a blanket to be used during their stay to help it feel more like a home environment. The hospital can be cold this time of year and families will carry their blankets back and forth from the hospital while with their sick child to the

Ronald McDonald House where they are able to sleep and make meals during their child’s recovery.

How Can You Help Build a Blanket?

• In each office listed left will be the location of this special team building luncheon.

• Concordia will provide sandwiches or pizza and provide all of the material and scissors needed to cut the fleece blankets in order to tie them.

• All we are asking of you is to provide something else for the pot luck luncheon!

• Tables will be set up in the hallways and teams of six will come together to make a blanket for a family in need!

• Our goal is to make a total of 50 blankets

• There will be doing a similar style event for field staff at their April staff meetings, so we will continue serving through the end of April.

We hope you will come together with us and serve families with sick kids.

CVN Cabot Blanket Servant Event 3/15

VNAA Blanket Servant Event 3/19

CHOW Blanket Servant Event 3/27

GSH/Middlesex Blanket Servant Event 3/20

CVN Baden Blanket Servant Event 3/21

CVN South Blanket Servant Event 3/14

You will only need to punch out for your normal lunch. If we need additional time to complete the blankets we will extend it once you are punched back in. There is a designated coordinator in each office who will follow-up to tell you the date and let you know where the sign-up will be posted.

So, please sign up at your office to bring a side dish for the luncheon and let us know your team of six to help tie a blanket for a family!

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